Business for better. Connecting the Voluntary Sector with Business

More and more businesses are realising the value of partnerships. Working with not-for-profits, social enterprises and charities not only can help to deliver real social impact, but can make a material difference to business performance and motivation. Business4Better UK is a forum for any organisation that regards itself as «conversation ready,» to help them find, meet, engage and build positive partnerships.

With a 2-day programme of workshops, seminars, immersive experiences and case-studies, Business4Better UK will bring together experts, practitioners, thought-leaders and agents of change to an event designed to offer inspiration, motivation and practical help to anyone, at any stage of their journey, seeking to create successful and meaningful partnerships.

«At UBM we believe that the best way for us to support the communities in which we work is by doing what we do best – running events that help people and organisations connect. It is from this premise that we have developed Business4Better UK, part of UBM’s Community Engagement Series; an event that is central to our commitment to being a more responsible, sustainable business.» David Levin, CEO UBM plc.




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