2013 CSR Awards: Employee Volunteer Program

JP Morgan’s catalytic funding enabled Bankers without Borders (VOLUNTARE partner)  to invest in the infrastructure required to reach these milestones and achieve over 96% satisfaction rates from both the social enterprises that are served and the volunteers who donate their professional skills toward helping these organizations. The program offers a variety of ways for volunteers—including JP Morgan employees—to get involved, from team-based remote assignments to individual projects requiring short, concentrated periods of time on the ground in emerging markets in 20 countries. —Bill Miltenberg

Honorable Mentions:

  • Bacardi Ltd – Bacardi Supports Local Communities
  • Kaiser Permanente – Gulf Coast Relief Campaign
  • MSL New York – MSL New York Community Connected 
  • Pfizer Inc. – Pfizer Global Health Fellows Program
  • PwC – Creating a Culture of Service
  • Tata Consultancy Services – CSR Champions: Impact Through Empowerment EVP

J.P. Morgan employee, Ronak Sampat (far right), led a team of four volunteers and spent three weeks in Kenya developing a financing mechanism to facilitate the distribution of clean cookstoves for the Paradigm Project.

Fuente: PR News



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