CESIE in Palermo helds 4th meeting of CVE European Project

CVE project began in the fall of 2011, and its completion is scheduled for fall 2013. The project involves six countries mentioned above, and the project coordinator is The Cracow Center of Management and Administration Ltd (KCZIA) from Poland. It’s funded with the support from European Commission in a frame of Comenius Multilateral Projects. The aim of the project is  to engage teachers in a cooperation with employers so the students will receive knowledge and information directly from the world of work. Involving students in working with their future employers will be a practical guide on which skills are most indeed in the work. Partners are doing their best to prepare a set of informational materials about the  idea of Corporate Volunteering.  One of the results will be also a training course programme for teachers dedicated to the methods and ways of cooperation between schools and Corporate Volunteering.

 During the meeting in Palermo, the participants worked on the shape and structure of training for teachers and school managers. The effective ways to analyze the needs of the schools were discussed, in order  to offer them adequate strategies and solutions. Thanks to the fruitful work in groups, participants developed the structure of the training course and its content, along with recommendations for the trainers. The key tasks of the training preparation were identified, followed by dividing them between participants, so each organization could use their best experience and knowledge.

Partners also talked about the future of the project. Initiative to prepare the project as a Comenius Multilateral Network became real and concrete.  With this initiative the idea of Corporate Volunteering has a chance to reach the wider group of companies, students and teachers all over the Europe.

The next meeting is planned in March 2013, in London. At this stage of the CVE project, the most important task is to attract partners and schools interested in the idea of Corporate Volunteerism. Therefore, we encourage you to kindly visit the website of the project and share information about it with your colleagues and coworkers.

Please, check: http://www.cve-project.eu/index.php/en/

Fuente: CESIE (Italy)


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