Report on Trends and Innovation in Corporate Volunteering

Report on Trends and Innovation in Corporate Volunteering

Autor: Voluntare

For years now corporate volunteering has been consolidated all around the world through a process that has evolved at different rhythms, with some relevant milestones such as “2011, European Year of Volunteering”, which considerably bolstered this social phenomenon in Europe. Currently, it is safe to say that corporate volunteering is firmly implemented and shows important prospects of success.

In what direction is corporate volunteering evolving?

In order to answer this question, Voluntare has set up an area of innovation, the goal of which is to analyse what are the main trends and in what direction corporate volunteering is evolving. An information of great value for those organisations that need to make strategic decisions in their corporate volunteering programmes.

The first product generated in the aforementioned area is the present document: “Report On Trends And Innovation In Corporate Volunteering”.

We obtained input and ideas from public institutions such as the United Nations, volunteering networks, IAVE, the European Volunteer Center, IMPACT2030 or even Voluntare itself. Also academic authorities such as Bea Boccalandro or private enterprises like Telefonica, IBM or KPMG. Then we combined this information with the one obtained from the secondary sources in order to imagine how the future of corporate volunteering will be shaped, and use it as a compass when revising our strategies.




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